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What Can You Do about a Levy on Your Social Security Benefits?

The Good, the Bad & the Ugly about an IRS Tax Levy on Your Social Security Benefits.

You will probably not be surprised that understanding the complexities of Social Security Benefits, Taxes & IRS tax levies requires more than a little bit of concentration.

In my short eBook, Social Security Subject to Levy, I lay out the applicable laws, regulations and court cases that apply, in a manner that will permit you to “connect the dots” and know whether or not there is a remedy for you and, if so, where and how to obtain the remedy as quickly as possible and with no expense on your part.

To be sure, a licensed attorney, familiar with Social Security and tax laws and regulations, is your best option. However, by the time you arrive at a point where your Social Security benefits are being reduced by an IRS Levy, you may not have the funds necessary to retain such legal help.

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